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Writing Sample

Introduction Thesis Statement Having personal goals is important because it provides a clear guidance in successfully achieving ones objectives Goal setting is an important process when thinking about the ideal future that motivates people to turn their vision of the...Read More

Response paper sample

Nikki Keddie is a pioneer woman who has a passion for the Middle East. Her is thus motivated by the sheer context of description for the Middle East women that are misunderstood by many societies of the world (Keddie 152)....Read More
How to write letter of recommendation

Letter of Recommendation Example

LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION {Insert Date}   Addressee Name, Institution Name, Street Address, City, Zip Code. Dear Sir/Madam It is with great pleasure that I write Jessica‚Äôs letter of recommendation. I highly recommend her to your institution as the College Prison...Read More

Personal Statement Example

Personal Statement Today, economics, finance, and related disciplines are the heart of globalization and innovation. The business domain is characterized by heightened competition which necessitates economic and financial skills. Looking back, the absence of a stable economy, policies, or sound...Read More