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It is with great pleasure that I write Jessica’s letter of recommendation. I highly recommend her to your institution as the College Prison Initiative (CPI) leader. I have known Jessica all her life as she is one of my closest nieces. As her aunt and most importantly a solid member of her family, I have had the opportunity to observe her incredible social, academic and organizational skills. Through her participation in various social activities in the community such as environmental conservation programs, volunteering, and also in the family, I have had the opportunity to observe her utilize her impeccable leadership and communication skills through the articulation of her well-thought ideas for the active change of the society and the people around her. Jessica continues to impress me with her social interaction abilities and critical thinking skills which have proven that through her hard work, Jessica can complete tasks in a courteous and timely manner.

Jessica is talented at putting things into action. She values leadership as a virtue of working well with others which in my endorsement, I consider to be one of her greatest strengths. For the past 10 years, Jessica has been an active and a talented soft ball player where she has continually exemplified her leadership qualities and for that reason, was chosen as captain of her team. In regard to social leadership skills, Jessica is an active member of the environmental conservation programs in her community and is always passionate and enthusiastic about health and keeping the environment clean for both human and animal habitat. Besides, as a passionate young lady, Jessica stands out among her peers due her responsible character and her big heartedness. Through her church, Jessica is well renowned for her kindness which she reflects in every aspect of her being. She has continually exemplified her kindness and responsibility during thanksgivings where she has always gone out of her way and handed out food to the poor and the needy people as a way of giving back to the society.

Jessica has remained an outstanding and a highly motivated young lady who pays great attention to detail and is overly passionate about the efficient spending of her time. Jessica is an active participant in our family get-togethers and discussions, and as a first born of three children, she has always supported her younger siblings. Her caring nature and personality allow her to efficiently work with others in a team setting as she is a firm believer of other people’s opinions. In one of our family discussions, a debate about the current justice system ensued, and all of us gave our opinionated ideas about what we thought about it. We were all amused by Jessica’s opinion since explained her thoughts about the system centered on her desire to put herself in other people’s shoes and approaching issues from diverse perspectives. In my opinion, all the empathy and idea-articulation qualities that Jessica demonstrated in this discussion make her an outstanding leader who is willing to get all sorts of conversations started.

Throughout my acquaintance with Jessica, she has been an enthusiastic, efficient and organized believer of team work. For this reason, I am confident that she would be good at facilitating, maintaining and expanding the relationship between CPI and the college students’ body. I, therefore, highly recommend her without reservation for your program’s position as leader of the College Prison Initiative.

Kindly feel free to contact me via (Phone Number or Email Address) in case any additional information or clarification is needed.


Yours sincerely,

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