Students who wish to study in one of the best and most popular university in the United Kingdom, Oxford, should be ready to study Oxford style guide from A to Z. Oxford style guide is not simple to master. It stands out from the rest of the existing paper formats, and its founder, The University of Oxford, is very strict about writing procedures.

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What are the Basic Elements of Oxford Style of Writing?

The Oxford writing style of referencing can also be called the documentary-note citation system. History, anthropology, political science, and philosophy students apply the recommended style to cite the words of other authors in their research papers. Some of the law departments insist on using Oxford English style guide. Law students should master Oxford style guide along with McGill format.

The elements of the Oxford style guide include:

  1. Header – A writer has a right to place page numbers on the page at personal discretion. The paper’s font must be 12 or 14-point Times New Roman. Make the margins a single inch everywhere but the top; 2 inches at the top of each page! Most educational institutions recommend double-spacing. It refers to the entire body of the work except for the page with bibliography – reference page.
  2. Cover page – This element is what makes Oxford style guide different from the rest of the paper formats. Place the title of the research paper at the top of the opening page. Skip several lines to specify the project’s type (article, critical analysis, research proposal, thesis, etc.). The date arrives next, followed by the quantity of words in the document (to make a word count easier), writer’s name, and institution’s title. An Oxford referencing style sample of the cover page is below.
  3. Requirements – Provide a detailed reference for each in-text citation. It is a full acknowledgment of the credible sources, their authors, and data explaining where the reader can get the referenced texts.
  4. References – mention sources you used. The Oxford English style guide is based on footnotes and a supporting list of references/bibliography.
  5. In-text citation – The Oxford style guide offers to use footnotes. In Microsoft Word, a student can click on the Insert tab. Pick sub-sections Reference and Footnote to auto-add a number and space on the page to come up with a footnote. Do not forget to place the quotation both in the footnote and bibliography.

Oxford Style Debate Guide: Choosing a Topic

According to the Oxford style debate guide, the primary mission is to select the right topic. It is obvious a topic must be debatable, and a student must keep in mind these tips:

  1. Decide on a few topics that could be the basis for a short academic essay. Select ideas based on personal experience and hobbies. Think about the themes related to personal beliefs and views, but not much with how-to-do things, events, or locations. The topics must be challenging to a particular extent. Avoid generalizations. Example: “What I disagree with about my position is” versus “I disagree with the offered position.”
  2. Choose one of the ideas and write several sentences about the target audience. Take into account their biases, behaviors, moods, life values, experience, skills, and different/alike background. Define whether the possible readers are younger/older than you (age is important to consider).

Oxford Comma AP Style Guide: Useful Tips

Both the cover page and references/bibliography go on the separate pages. A bibliography should appear at the end of the research paper. It goes after the conclusion part, specifying the list of applied materials. Once a student is done with writing, he/she should press the Enter button to come up with additional space, push the Insert tab and pick Page Break from the popped-up menu. That is how a separate page will appear to create references.

Keep in mind that in Oxford style guide, the bibliography does not include materials necessarily references in the essay. A writer may offer some other resources like scholarly articles or interesting academic journals to get information that is more relevant. Check whether they are up-to-date. Include the citations you mentioned in the text in the manner offered in the examples of Oxford comma AP style guide in the upcoming section.

Oxford Referencing Style Sample of Cover Page and Other Examples

How about a cover page sample? It is a separate title page. According to Oxford referencing style guide, a title page should look this way:

A History of the Civil War in the United States of America

Research Paper
March 12, 2012
1500 words

Joshua Smith
University of Colorado

Oxford Style Guide: Citing Different Types of Sources

Students who need specific examples of the Oxford style guide citations should pay attention to the offered list. We have divided the citations based on the sources.


Last name, First name. Title. Publishing City, State: Publishing Company, Year.

Fletcher, Claire. The consequences of Vietnam War. Baker, LA: Gardner Press, 2013.


Last name, First name. “Title of Article.”Title of Magazine Issue/Volume Number (Year Published): Pages.

Lawson, Kimberly. “Boston Tea Party Intrigue.”British Political News 4 (2014): 19-23.


Last name, First name. “Title of Article.” (Year Published) Volume Number Name of Publication Page Numbers

Head A “Courts and Administrative Law in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.”(2011) 32 Oxford Law Review 321-333


Last name, First name. “Title of Page.” Title of Website, Volume, Issue (Date of Article). URL (date of access).

Issenberg, Sasha. “The Obama IPO.” First Monday, volume 3, number 5 (April 2012). (accessed December 17, 2013).

Oxford Writing Style Guide: Final Hints to Keep in Mind!

When it comes to the Oxford writing style guide, a student should focus on choosing an adequate topic, testing opportunities of elaborating the chosen idea, and deciding on the strategy to present the information to the target audience. A couple of other steps to remember is working on the draft before submitting a final paper, and revising the ready text minimum twice.

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